A market-changing announcement!  

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
£778 million has been offered to 107 projects for Wave 2.1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. Match funding from Wave 2.1 applicants provides an additional £1.1 billion. 

A median award of £3.2M was awarded, with the largest being Clarion Housing Association. We are very excited to see this much-anticipated funding come through! 

Will the supply chains and labour needed to deliver the projects in the time window be sufficient or will we see a crunch which materially affects delivery? 

Top 10 awards by Lead LA

Clarion Housing Association Limited £49,000,000
Nottingham City Council £47,200,000
Sanctuary Housing Association £40,400,000
Greater Manchester Combined Authority £37,000,000
Tees Valley Combined Authority £32,400,000
Liverpool City Region Combined Authority £31,700,000
West of England Combined Authority £28,400,000
London & Quadrant Housing Trust £27,400,000
Peabody Trust £25,000,000
Birmingham City Council £24,800,000